Robert Obuch

An adaptable and responsible DevOps contractor and Solutions Architect, with a well rounded technical background, experienced in enterprise architecture, highly regulated environments, financial services, e-commerce and remote working.

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Theft of intellectual property, trade secrets and severe financial damages are incentives to guard your data, infrastructure and services. A security-first mindset to defend your assets.

Infrastructure Automation

Speed, consistency, accountability and decreased costs when utilising infrastructure-as-code (IaC). Management of Terraform, CloudFormation and Resource Manager to provision your infrastructure.

Continuous Integration

Develop and refine your Jenkins pipelines for automating the integration and deployment of your assets.

Container Orchestration

Enhanced productivity, reduced overheads and advancements in security for your Docker containers using Kubernetes (K8s).

Configuration Management

Disaster recovery, site reliability and seamless scaling are advantages to the proper application of configuration management. Ansible, Chef or Puppet are employed to deploy your cloud services.


Operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency and cost optimisation are principal concerns when architecting for the Cloud with AWS and Azure.